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Pirate Jokes

What did the old Pirate get?

What did the Pirate who injured his knee get?
Arrrrrrrrthroscopic surgery!

What's a Pirate's favorite place to eat?

What did the Pirate hit with his car?
An Arrrrrrrrrrrmadillo!

What's a Pirate's favorite holiday?
Arrrrrrrrbor Day!

What did the Pirate get for Christmas?
A p-arrrrrrrrrrrrtridge in a pear tree!

Where does the Pirate get his coffee?

Yeah, Liz and I have too much time on our hands. I think there are more of those Pirate jokes but I can't remember them right now. It's been a long day, sorta. Got up around 10:30, fiddled around on the computer for about an hour and then Liz called so I went to her place andhelped her move some stuff to her new apartment until I had to leave for work. Got to meet a bunch of her family and stuff. They all seem pretty cool. I'm gonna talk to her step dad more about a pilot program he's in to become a teacher. Helps people with existing degrees to become a teacher and stuff and the state (actually, a Federal grant) is paying for it. I'd LOVE to get in on that, so I definitely need to talk to him about that more! That'd rule! With an iron fist!!

Work was okay tonight, just kinda long. Had some really bitchy customers. I forgot to update about this one customer I had the other day.She walked inlike she owned the place and plopped downin a chair near the Info desk and just sat there for about half an hour. At one point she handed me a little cup from near the coffee sample table and asked me to pour her soem coffee!!! She wanted me to pour the damn coffee for her!!! I was too in shock not to... I wanted to tell her to stick that cup up her fat ass, but that would be rude, and I woulda gotten fired. But jeez!!! One guy at work today got a lady calling in askign if we had a song with such and such lyrics in it, like we can search by lyrics!! Are people really so stupid?

Anyway, it's really late. I gotta get some sleep, get up tomorrow and have lunch with Liz, then come back home, clean my apartment up, work on getting my laptop running (I'm gonna let Liz borrow it in her new place), do soem laundry, then get some more sleep. I'm going to get together here in Indy with Nicole and some of her friends for New Years Eve. I was kinda hoping to spend it with Liz, but she's got a party at a friend's house to go to and I wasn't invited. It's all good though, because I think we're (Nicole's group and I) going to some sushi place first then who knows where after that. We'll see what happens.

G'night. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

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