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Cool! Dark Matter!

Dark matter exists, which is really quite rad.

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  1. Not really. There is still no physical evidence of the existence of dark matter. I liken this “proof” to the proof that ID proponents use. “There’s no other explanation we can come up with except for this powerful un-proven force – GOD!” Except, replace “God” with “dark matter” Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MOND ) still does as good a job as dark matter in explaining cosmological gravity, even in the light of this new “evidence”.

  2. Upon further review…

    The article does a good job of saying about the same thing I did near the end, although I think its statement that dark matter “exists beyond a reasonable doubt” is still suspect.

    Perhaps it is true that MOND and some sort of “dark” matter, when conjoined, create the ultimate theory for why the universe is the way it is… I don’t know. I’m just not really sold on the idea of dark matter.

  3. In response to the first comment, your comparison of the argument for dark matter to the argument for God is unsound. The difference being, there are actual calculations that suggest the existence of dark matter, whereas ID proponents have nothing of the sort in their “proofs” of god’s existence. Also, ID is trying to circumvent mathematical reasoning and scientific theories in their arguments for god. Granted, MONDs, and related theories, have some strong mathematics to back them up, the prevailing opinion among physicists is that the dark matter solution is superior. First off, there is some dark matter that is known to physics, neutrinos, however the density of these particles is grossly insufficient to explain the expected density of dark matter, but some dark matter stuff does definitely exist. Also, dark matter is predicted in the supersymetric models of particle physics, and helps clear up some of the problems inherent in the standard model of particle physics. All of this suggests a stronger argument for dark matter versus MONDs.

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