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Introducing the Wedding category

For those that don't follow my Twitter or Facebook accounts, I'm now engaged. We took a walk to Irving Circle Park in Irvington where I popped the question and she said yes. :) I'm incredibly happy about this (as is Julie, obviously :) ).

I can very highly recommend Brilliant Earth for those looking to buy an engagement ring (or any jewelry really). They were incredibly helpful, their diamonds come from ethically sound mines (the one I got came from the Ekati mine in Canada) and the end product was beautiful.

So that means... a wedding category. As it seems we'll actually have to plan a real wedding, hopefully I'll remember to update this with pitfalls we run into, good deals, ideas, stuff like that. Also, if anyone reading this as suggestions on how to do a good simple wedding without breaking the bank, please drop a comment here. It would be much appreciated.

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