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[Baby] Uncooperative baby, baby.

We were supposed to know boy or girl on Friday but... we have a stubborn one. Legs crossed the whole time. I think s/he was flipping us off the whole time, too. Stay tuned, once we know I'm hoping stuff will pick up here too with things we like for the baby, registries, painting, shopping for baby stuff, all sorts of things like that. We'll see if I can keep up posting semi-regularly, even if it is little stuff like this.

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[Baby, Welcome Back] What is this, a blog post of some sort?

Well, I haven't actually posted something original other than aggregates of my Google Reader stuff in... a year? More? So here we are. Doubt anyone is still reading this, but hey, maybe you left me in your RSS reader.  What's up? Long time no see! I think the last time I really said anything interest on here it was that I was engaged. I'm now married as of the summer of '09. We bought a house in the fall of '10 on the eastside of Indianapolis.

And now due in the fall of '11, our first child! We were hoping to know boy or girl today, but the baby decided not to cooperate. I may or may not keep up with this after today, but we'll see. I'd like to start baby blogging as this goes on.

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