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It takes Beer and Hockey to get me to post

Update: Gah! I fucked up but little changed except a couple numbers and some rankings onthe linked spreadsheet in the middle of the pack.

A bigger, much more interesting post coming sometime this week re: politics and a new job. But for now...

Hockey, Beer and Math!!

Inspired by this post over at Mother Pucker talkign about the best beer deals in the NHL I decided I would calculate the best deal and take into consideration the team's performance last season (since this season is still so young). So what I did was add up a teams points during the season (2 for a win, 1 for an overtime win) and also award an additional point for makign teh playoffs, 2 for winning the division, 3 for winning the conference, and a point for every roudn of the playoffs won.  I then divided the beer price per ounce by that total to get an Awesome Index.

Top 5 Best Deals

  1. Pittsburgh (2.3148) [division winner, Cup finals $.25/oz]
  2. Washington (2.8995) [division winner, $.28/oz]
  3. Detroit (3.0000) [division, conference & Cup winner, $.38/oz]
  4. New York Rangers (3.1566) [playoffs, 1 round won, $.31/oz]
  5. Minnesota (3.2178) [division winner, $.33/oz]

Bottom 5 Shit I Paid How Much For This

26.  Edmonton (4.7940) [$.42/oz]
27.  Philadelphia (4.8895) [playoffs, 2 rounds won, $.48/oz]
28.  Tampa Bay (5.2817) [$.38/oz]
29.  Los Angeles (5.4577) [$.39/oz]
30.  Nashville (6.1141) [playoffs, $.56/oz]

Sorry Philly, but those two playoff rounds you won don't make up for what is the second highest beer price in the league.

Full spreadsheet is at Google Docs: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pjlv2sG7Y-JaT6azkdk4ERg

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A Visit to Colts Training Camp

So I decided to take a couple days off and head to Colts training camp. I wrote up some diaries at StampedeBlue about each practice which you can access all four easily from my post at CWAMB. It was a good time. Soul-meltingly hot, but fun. I may have lost 10 pounds or so in sweat alone. I needed a little mini-vacation like that.

Back to the grind now, unfortunately. Have some catching up to do and projects to work on. Nose, grindstone, etc.


Linux Car Crashes

This is too damn funny.

Linux fans didn't exactly get the publicity they were hoping for at the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, when the so-called "Linux car" they had sponsored proved to be the first in the race to crash, ultimately causing it to finish dead last.

Cries of "but... but... but... Linux NEVER CRASHES!" were heard across the land.

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Link Dump: Random Junk

  • I'm eventually going to post something about this on CWAMB. A pretty cool article about the statistical truth behind baseball's hitting slump.
  • So not only is she brilliant, an astronomy student and getting a grant from NASA to study methods to get a spacecraft to Mars safely behind the 'shield' of a large asteroid, but she's gorgeous too? Where do I sign up? And her idea for either using an asteroid as a ship itself or hiding a ship in the 'shade' to protected humans from radiation from the sun is brilliant. One of those "why didn't anyone else really think of this already?" kind of things.
  • I REALLY want a Compubeaver.
  • I... I have no words. Dennis Rodman in a movie with midgets. About a basketball team. Made up of midgets. The mind boggles.
  • Irony alert, indeed. Microsoft and AT&T are raising questions about another company's merger on possible antitrust grounds. Ha ha. It is to laugh.
  • "Domain Kiting" is bad. Really bad. ICANN has got to do something about it, and if not the government should step in and force them to do something about it.
  • Apparently Tony Dungy wants people to be more civil. What part of "being civil" includes giving speeches to known homophobic institutions?

That is all.


Hide Your Superpowered Children

Hide your superpowered genetically evolved superchildren on May 26th. Syler is coming to town.

Although I bet Chuck Yeager is one of the people with a gift and he's obviously a good guy. But what could his power be?


Link & Video Dump

I've gathered some links and videos, some political, most silly. Lazy blogging.

So to me Global Warming is like Truth or Dare:

TRUTH: We can either keep Global Warming in the news and convince people the truth is the planet is warming and we as humans might be causing Global Warming by pumping tons of CO2 into the atmosphere daily so let’s keep the momentum going to educate people about this problem and slowly eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

Or DARE: We can do nothing and DARE to find out what happens if we don’t fix this problem.

By the same author: Global Warming News


The Myth of Voter Fraud

Identification requirements often sound simple. But some types of paperwork simply aren't available to many Americans. We saw this with the new Medicaid proof-of-citizenship requirement, which led to benefits being cut off for many longtime citizens. Some states insist that voters provide photo IDs such as driver's licenses. But at least 11 percent of voting-age Americans, disproportionately elderly and minority voters, lack the necessary papers. Required documentation such as naturalization paperwork can cost as much as $200. By contrast, when the poll tax was declared unconstitutional in 1966, it was $1.50 ($8.97 in 2007 dollars).


A student has been suspended from school in America for coming to class dressed as a pirate.
Bryan Killian says that he follows the Pastafarian religion, and that as a crucial part of his faith, he must wear 'full pirate regalia' as prescribed in the holy texts of Pastafarianism.


If you thought the Kirk Cameron/Bananas Are Proof Of God video was funny/ridiculous/frightening, get a load of this - Peanut butter is proof that evolution isn't true:

I... there's so much wrong with this it's difficult to even begin. But the comments on the YouTube page are marvelous.

"They need to do a Wonder Bread segment. Then we could discuss the whole peanut butter and banana sandwich trinity. Anyone?"
"Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the Earth was made of peanut butter 3-4 billion years ago."
"wasn't that was the reason for the Peter Pan Recall?
"When they fill the peanut putter can with a dense soup of hydrocarbons with a layer of dense carbon dioxide laden atmosphere above, zap it with large bolts of electrical energy regularly, and let it sit for a couple billion years, then we'll talk."

And now to the silly...


Just Because


Oh yeah, and Go Colts!!! You can check my post game thoughts over at my post on Charlie Weis Ate My Baby


What I’ve Been Writing

My writing has mostly been taking place over at Charlie Weis Ate My Baby since it launched. I'm in much more of a sports mode, what with the NFL Playoffs happening. Anyway, what have I been writing over at CWAMB? Here are my faves so far.

You can access all of my posts at CWAMB here

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Charlie Weis Ate My Baby

I have a new web project I'm working on. This one is a sports blog called Charlie Weis Ate My Baby. Yes, you read that right. Name comes from a url idea that CJ had that we agreed would make a great sports blog title. So there you go.

Anyway, I'm looking for people to become writers on CWAMB. I have a few people signed up to do occaisional writing (CJ, Ricky & Shawn) but I'd like some more. I want to convince a couple other not-already-blogging friends who are much more knowledgeable about sports to join the list of writers.

If you are interested, let me know in the comments. If you can point me to any blog entries, forum posts or comments on blogs where you've already written about sports even better. You'll pretty much have a free hand at whatever you want to write about (Ricky watches Sumo, so we have an occaisional sumo blogger!).

There's not much there yet, just a couple things I've posted (one is a partial re-post of an entry here on X-Tra Rant). Let me know what you think and if you'd liek to help out!

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Electroluminescent Jerseys?

In something that is sure to make Paul Lukas' head explode, University of Australia's Mitchell Page and Andrew Vande Moere has developed a basketball "vest," more commonly known as a "singlet," which sports a number of light-up displays designed to convey a bevy of information to onlookers

Aside from resembling your average Laser Tag apparel, the vest receives communications via a wireless computer (about the size "of an iPod") which is strapped to the player's body; the device then channels information about their "points, fouls, and the amount of time left in the game" to the glowing panels. The technology, dubbed TeamAwear (for "team sports awareness wearable display"), has already been implemented on small two-on-two matchups with apparent success, but there's no word on when we'll see Kobe's jersey lighting up like the Las Vegas skyline.

I'm already dropping a line to Lukas' UniWatch about this. I just have a couple questions:

  1. Can we get a restraining order against Nike to never ever get ahold of this technology? The damage that could be done is unimagineable. I can't even beging to picture what they'd do to the poor University of Oregon's football uniforms with something like this.
  2. Is what could be the worst uni idea ever reason enough to justify bombing Australia? Pros: Eliminate this dangerous technology. Cons: No more wallabies.

Update: Huzzah! This made the UniWatch entry for today. My sports uniform geekery has reached a new high, I believe.

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