Welcome to the Random Name Generator. I made this based on something I did for my job, but decided to turn it into a little script to generate random names. Pick the type of first name and type of last name from the drop down boxes, choose how many names you want returned, and hit go! You'll get a list of full names that are completely random.

You can choose to randomly generate both first and last names, or if you already have a name you like (either first or last) you can enter that and just randomly generate the other. Note: Remember to check the radio button if you decide to add your own name.

On the results page, if you see a name you like (either first or last), but don't like the other name it is paired with, click the name you like. This will return a list of names which includes your chosen name, while randomizing the other part of the name.

First Names:
Generate random first names

...or enter a specific name if you want it.
Last Names:
Generate random last names

...or enter a specific name if you want it.

How many? (Between 1 and 950)

I pulled the names, both first and last, from a couple of genealogy sites. If you have a list of names in another language or of another style that you would like included, email me and I'll see what I can do. If you have a request for a name type but don't have a list, email me anyway and I'll try and do some research and see if I can't put something together.

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