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3 easiest and fastest ways to add diacritics to characters in Google Docs

3 easiest and fastest ways to add diacritics to characters in Google Docs.

When you create a Google Doc where you need to insert characters with diacritics, the process is not straightforward. Here are the two best and quickest ways to type diacritics over letters in Google Docs.

You may compose a letter, compose an essay, or write an essay. If you need a character with an diacritic as used in languages other than English, such as Arabic, Greek, and Latin, you have different options. You can insert a special character, use a keyboard shortcut, or check out an add-on.

1. Insert a Special Character

Google Croakers offers a Special Character point that allows you to fit symbols, arrows, emojis, and more. This point also provides letters with accentuation marks. 


 When the window appears, enter the letter in the Hunt box or draw it with its accentuation in the spot below Hunt. You can hang your cursor over the results on the left to see larger performances, which is helpful. Elect the letter you want to use, and it'll pop into your document. 

2. Add an Accent Letter With a Keyboard Shortcut

Whether you use a Windows or Mac computer, you can type a keyboard shortcut in Google Docs for your accented letters.

To use these combination shortcuts on Mac, type the first shortcut immediately followed by the second. For example, to type the capital letter O with its accent as shown above, hold Option+E at the same time, release both, then hold Shift+O together, and release both.

3. Try a Google Docs Add-On.

One final option for typing accent marks on letters is with a free Google Docs add-on called Easy Accents.

After you install the add-on (be sure you’re comfortable with the permissions it requires), head to your document in Google Docs. Click “Add-Ons” in the menu, move to “Easy Accents – Docs,” and pick “Easy Accents – Start.”

When the sidebar opens on the right, pick the language you want accented letters for in the drop-down box at the top. You’ll then see your options listed as buttons.

Click a button to insert the lowercase letter or hold Shift as you click to insert the uppercase letter. To switch languages, use the drop-down box at the bottom of the sidebar.

Easy Accents is available for free with an optional premium subscription to set a default language.




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