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Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Uses Remarkable Videos to Rally His Country.

 Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Uses Remarkable Videos to Rally His Country.

volodymyr zelensky president of ukraine

After a night of fighting in Kyiv, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy posted a videotape Saturday morning cheering the besieged nation that Russia has not taken the capital yet. “ We're going to defend our nation. Because our munitions are our verity,” Zelenskyy says in the videotape, as he stands in front of the sanctioned presidential hearthstone. “ That’s our verity because this is our land, our country, our children. And we will defend all this.




 A former funnyman who formerly played the chairman on TV, Zelenskyy has adroitly used his communication chops and social media expertise to rally Ukrainians while also battling Russian intimation for an transnational followership. No other country has joined the war in Ukraine’s defense, but the Russian irruption on Thursday morning following weeks of smallsword-rattling has redounded in nearly universal transnational stricture, as well as increased profitable warrants on Russia. Foreign aid is critical to Ukraine. President Joe Biden is working with Congress to secure an fresh$6.4 billion in aid for Ukraine. 

On Friday, Zelenskyy brazened Russian rumors that he'd fled Kyiv by posting a videotape of himself in front of the presidential structure. “ We're then,” he said, appearing to hold the camera himself, girdled by top counsels. “ We're in Kyiv. We're guarding Ukraine.




 On February 24, on the dusk of the irruption, Zelenskyy, wearing a dimmed suit and speaking in Russian, addressed the Russian people directly in a formal speech he hoped would break through Russia’s cleaned media ecosystem and reach ordinary citizens across the border. In the moving speech, he contended with the Russian people to stand up against their country’s drive for war. Of course, his poetry and emotional messaging chops also reached a wider transnational followership.



Within a matter of days, Zelenskyy has traded in his business suit and is now seen wearing military gear. His vids have easily not stopped a war that Russian President Vladimir Putin is intent on waging — with Zelenskyy himself reportedly as the Russian leader’s top target — but they're also helping to maintain redoubtable Ukrainian resistance and intoxicate public opinion. Ukraine has handed out knockouts of thousands of munitions to its citizens in order to fight Russian colors, and its radio has broadcasted instructions for making Molotov amalgamations. Zelenskyy said in a televised address that the country is “ successfully repelling” Russia’s attacks on the megacity. 



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