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جافا سكريبت غير ممكن! ... الرجاء تفعيل الجافا سكريبت في متصفحك.


A racist man (Esco Tammel) hits an Asian woman 125 times !!

 Esco Tammel  He commits an unforgivable crime. Let me tell you the incident.

esco Tammel committed a crime Friday hours ago in which he hit a 67-year-old Asian woman by hitting her more than a hundred times in the head. 

The crime took place in New York, specifically in Yonkers, and a reporter from cbc That suspect Tammel Esco He is accused of attempted murder as a crime of pure hatred, and we are not surprised because the killer has a long criminal history. 

  • Incident details

According to what was mentioned, the criminal  esco  attacking his Asian neighbor violently and cruelly, as he hit her with more than 100 punches and seven harsh kicks and then spit on the woman and used insults and words against the Asians. 

  • about the victim

Surveillance camera footage shows the  The attack was Friday hours ago in Yonkers victim taking out the keys to open the apartment door, and here the criminal crept in from behind her
According to what was reported, the victim was a lovable and kind person, and she also had two orphaned daughters. She also had her deceased husband, who worked as a postman. 

After the crime was committed, the esco tammel criminal walked He went outside and started shouting at passersby, which led to the .police quickly attending and was arrested 

Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller said: "We will describe this heinous crime as a hate crime and will charge the culprit on the basis of the number of strikes and the length of the attack."  
The commissioner also said that the 42-year-old criminal has 14 .arrests and a lot of convictions on his record


  • past crimes

In February last year, Isco pushed a woman through a glass window, but she was not seriously hurt. Isco was released on parole and has not been imprisoned. 
And another crime such as stabbing a woman to death and some other crimes.

 Finally, the criminal was arrested and he is now being held on bail. He stated that the maximum penalties will be meted out against him committing the crime of assaulting an Asian woman in the building in which she resides with intent to kill. 

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