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kelis husband, Mike Mora, dies at the age of 36 after battling cancer

 Kelis' husband Mike Mora died at the age of 37 fighting a battle of grade 4 stomach cancer a few hours ago.

Photo from Mora's Instagram post

Tragic and heartbreaking news has been confirmed with general details about the death of singer Kelly's husband The news of Mora's death was confirmed by "Milkshake" team manager Steve Satterthwaite of Red Light Management, according to Entertainment Tonight, saying, "Sadly, Mike Mora passed away today. We ask everyone to respect the privacy of Kellys and her family from now on. Thank you.

Singer Kelis' husband recently documented a series of posts on Instagram when, in September, he was diagnosed with cancer and was rather sad and was stating his experience but not tragically as he wrote for many hours  Thinking about the right thing to do and said I don't post this because I'm selfish so people feel pain I'm sharing this because life is full of unthinkable situations I didn't think would happen to me I am thirty-six years old and have four loved ones, three children, and a wife who loves me.

Mora also published a post for the fans, where he was a frank photographer with them and said that life is shorter than you can imagine, so do not skimp on a few minutes in communicating with a husband, relatives or friend. This post showed how short life 

Here's the last text written by Mike Mora With the picture that appears in front of you below:

Photo from Mora's Instagram post

I am posting this…after so much thought. Many hours thinking of what the right thing to do is. Not because of a selfish reason.

not because I want people to feel bad or sorry for me and my family. I am posting this because life is full of the most unexpected situations. I never thought this could happen to me. At just 36, with 3 kiddos, and a wife that loves me. 

I want to be able to help those that might be experiencing something like this- a life altering disease full of questions and doubt- maybe, hopefully. By showing that it’s possible to make it through. You always see people post about how life is too short. How you should reach out to those you love no matter where life has taken you. It is the truth. Don’t take your time here, your time with friends, family, for granted. Shit can be over just like that!
This was the first of many, many more iv’s and needles to be pricked on my arm…

The story will continue..

A few weeks later, Mora published a leaflet and said: The doctors who treated him at the University of California told him that they could do nothing for him.


And he published this picture that you see below and said: 

I do not understand well what is written in that paper that they gave me, but I understand well the expressions that were painted on their faces during my news, which indicated that it was the end 

Photo from Mora's Instagram post

Mercy and forgiveness for him, we must bite from this news and put ourselves in his place. We have many things that we do not appreciate until after we lose them. I wish you safety and a long life ❤️🥺 


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