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WHAT'S Rules And Banned Weapons And Exotics List IN Destiny 2: Vow Of The Disciple Raid Time,

 WHAT'S Rules And Banned Weapons And Exotics List IN Destiny 2: Vow Of The Disciple Raid Time, 

It's that rare special day in Fortune 2, the debut of a new raid, the Oath of the Disciple, and the world's first race to see who can complete it the fastest. Naturally, we have several reservations and a bunch of poor equipment that we can't use, lest you take responsibility for racing in colorful ways.



 First, time. The Blitz Race begins at 10AM PT / 1PM ET, Saturday, March 5th. Yes, this is an hour after the reset which is unusual. I don't usually do a "time to raid" post but I know some people might check in at noon ET and get confused as to where it is.

The 24-hour window will also run until 10 a.m. PT the following day, Sunday. However, you will get the special hallmark, if you beat it during that time. At any time in the first week, you will be eligible for the new raid jacket. A 'complete' is counted when you finish the raid, loot the last coffin and are back on the path with your fire team.


 The minimum power stand is 1530, which this time includes the power of artifacts, which should unlock the effects for more people actually trying on Day 1 this time. 20 players are restricted under force per hassle for the first 24 hours of the race. Finally, there is a list of munitions and aliens that you cannot use in the raid, with a reason attached to them all

  • IKELOS SMG - This accidentally took 40 damage damage for red bars because it's coded as Osteo Striga.


  •  Imperial Needle Bow - This accidentally got 40 damage feel to the red bars because it's coded like Ticuu's.

  •  Grand Overture Machine Gun / Wardcliff Coil Rocket Launcher - Swap heavy ammo for very important Wardcliff ammo.


  •  Wormgod Caress / Peregrine Greaves Titan Exotics - These were used in music with One Two Punch and Void3.0 just for the insane destruction that can break trouble.

  •  Suppress Glaive Artifact Mod - I don't actually know if this has some kind of bug attached to it but maybe Bungie didn't want all enemies to be perpetually dizzy in trouble or Nimrods fit to be unnoticeable 100% of the time.


  •  Improved One-Two Punch - This requirement now works like a normal interpretation due to those bad shapes that do damage.

  •  Enhanced Flickering Checker - I don't actually know what this did, but it was categorized as a normal flickering checker.


 I don't know if anything different will be damaged in the last nanosecond this morning, but it is possible. I will add anything that comes. I'm a bit surprised that the unexpected flow survived all of this.



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